1 in 6 couples struggle to fall pregnant. More than a third of Australian children have a chronic disease. And the numbers are rising.

If you don’t want to be one of these statistics, then our Healthy Baby Solution is for you.


What is it?

The Healthy Baby Solution is a holistic, personalised program that addresses the important aspects of body and mind which impact on your ability to reproduce, as well as the future health of your baby.

How does it work?

Preconception is the time you take before getting pregnant to get you (and your partner) in your healthiest - and most fertile - states.

It’s a crucial part of falling pregnant and can also affect whether you have a successful full-term pregnancy or a child with health issues. Yet many of us don’t even think about it.

Over twelve 1-1 sessions we work closely with you to help uncover and resolve issues using natural and evidence-proven strategies including:

  • Nutrition: Food is medicine because it affects our hormones, toxicity levels, weight, cellular and genetic health, gut microbiota and immunity - all of which can play a role in successful conception

  • Movement, mobility & exercise: Regular and the correct type of exercise can optimise your hormones, stress levels, adrenal health and nearly every other system in your body to help you conceive - or not conceive. Poor posture, musculoskeletal imbalances and pain can increase inflammation which impairs our fertility.

  • Mindfulness, meditation and slowing the heck down: When you’re stressed (yes, especially the stress about not getting pregnant), overworked, overtired, running on empty and constantly living in what’s known as ‘flight or fight’ mode, the last thing your body wants to do is have a baby - and that applies to both males and females. Balance is the key.

  • A whole life approach: Our health is influenced by external and environmental factors, our work, family life, spirituality and wider community. We take the whole you into account, including your connection to others, the earth and getting you back to nature.

  • If needed: Referral to integrative medical doctors for functional lab testing and we also have a wonderful local network of other holistic practitioners such as massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and yoga teachers that we can recommend to complement you on your journey with us!

Are you already pregnant? Congrats, this program is still for you!

Maternal nutrition, movement frequency, stress levels and physical wellbeing play a massive role in your growing baby’s chances of later obesity, behavioural issues, sleeping patterns and even their own infertility - after all, our babies are directly connected to us and eat, drink, feel and receive everything we do. So why not optimise their future health by optimising yours as best you can?


Who is it for?

Parents looking for a holistic approach to conceive naturally, or to optimise their foetus’s later health.

We help:

  • Couples wanting to optimise their first pregnancy chances

  • Those with ‘unexplained’ fertility problems

  • Parents having difficulty conceiving another child

  • Couples undergoing IVF wanting to support their journey as best as possible.

  • Couples who simply want to get healthier before getting pregnant

  • Those wanting to fall pregnant again quickly (<18 months between previous birth and conception)

What will you get out of it?

You’ll work one-on-one with Sissy, a qualified integrative health practitioner, who will guide you and your partner to becoming a happier, healthier and more fertile you.

This integrative program includes:

  • 12 x one-on-one sessions - either in person or via Skype if required (six month expiry but ideally completely in 4 months);

  • An in-depth assessment of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health (valued at $170);

  • A holistic, all-in-one treatment program fully customised to suit your specific goals & unique busy life;

  • Unlimited support and guidance via text or email from between sessions;

  • Free six month access to all Absolute Potential Workshops & Seminars (from date of your first session)

  • A safe, supportive, non-judgemental space where you will be guided along the way to naturally improve your ability to fall pregnant

Why this program is perfect for couples wanting to get pregnant or wanting to optimise their baby’s health:

  • Flexible appointment times to fit around your work and family commitments;

  • Root-cause resolution of your health issues, saving you time and having to see other practitioners;

  • One-on-one personalised coaching + nutrition & lifestyle support + evidence-based treatment means lifelong health and wellbeing - no quick fixes that only work short term

  • Sissy is a fully qualified physiotherapist, nutritionist, C.H.E.K Practitioner and Life Coach meaning you get an all-in-one holistic approach to your health without having to see multiple therapists


We HIGHLY recommend that partners also attend the whole program. Getting pregnant is a two-way street and a father-to-be’s health is just as important as the mother’s.

Course Overview.

The Healthy Baby Solution is tailored to suit your health and wellbeing needs.. Throughout your sessions we will cover:

  • Full body assessment including any musculoskeletal injuries or concerns that may impact on current fertility and later pregnancy health;

  • Fertility and hormone supportive foods, essential and non-essential supplements and nutrients for conception and a healthy pregnancy

  • Your ideal exercise program to promote hormone health, healthy genes, reduce inflammation and be well

  • Meditation, mindfulness and stress management strategies to address fertility concerns, anxiety and general stress

  • Reducing toxic load, supporting detoxification pathways to promote conception, natural living solutions for optimal foetal health

  • Reconnecting to nature, re-establishing natural physiological rhythms and improving sleep as means to support natural conception and health

  • Strategies to balance work, family, exercise, eating well and still find time for your health

  • As needed: Functional lab and blood testing identification, supplementation and nutritionals.

Why work with a C.H.E.K Practitioner?

C.H.E.K. Practitioners are specialists in the field of scientific exercise coaching and incorporate their understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of each individual as a whole, into helping people achieve their performance goals. This unique, holistic approach to training and conditioning uses techniques from fields such as orthopaedics, strength training, corrective exercises, chiropractics and alternative therapies to gain optimal results. By also addressing the root cause of the problems preventing you from achieving your health & fitness goals, C.H.E.K practitioners help you reach a high level of success where others have failed.


You’ll be in safe hands

Sissy is a qualified physiotherapist, functional nutritionist, C.H.E.K Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach and mother of one. She is passionate about delivering a holistic natural approach to your wellbeing and will guide you on your journey to a happier, healthier life.

Read more about Sissy here.



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