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Absolute Potential = Absolute Possibilities


You are UNIQUE.

And in order to reach your absolute potential you need a personalised, custom-fit approach that takes into account your WHOLE life’s wellbeing.

An approach that’s convenient, fits YOUR life, YOUR goals and above all, gets real results.

An approach that is backed by the most up-to-date research, incorporates your bio-individuality and personal lifestyle, is provided by motivated, passionate & qualified practitioners and addresses the real source of your issue for long term outcomes, not just a quick fix.

Lucky for you, that’s EXACTLY what we do at Absolute Potential Health & Performance – by blending traditional physiotherapy with the C.H.E.K method of holistic exercise, dietary support, wellbeing and life coaching, we give you everything you need to become pain-free, move better and gain freedom from mental/emotional blocks that may be holding you back so that you can achieve all you want for a truly happy, healthy, gloriously full life.

It’s what we love to do. We call it your Absolute Potential; you’ll call it ‘The thing that changed my life’.

So it doesn’t matter if you have an acute sports injury, long term niggling issue, want professional advice about food and lifestyle changes, or have a disability: we can help you get back in the game, doing what you love and feeling vital, healthy and empowered.

(And to top it off, we do this all one-on-one and face-to-face in the wonderful surrounds of Kangaroo Point – or in the convenience of your own home!)

The Absolute Potential Vision

We are passionate about providing an exceptional experience unlike that seen in traditional healthcare models.

We believe that everyone can, and should, live their absolute potential, and that the world as a whole will be a happier, more vital and joyous place when we are all living the best life we could be.

We promise that the client always comes first, that we will always give 110% to help them and if we can’t, we will help them find someone who can.

We are committed to being perfect examples of what we teach, coach and facilitate ourselves, so that we can be our clients’ role models and our own success stories

How Do We Do This?


1. First We Assess

Using specific tools, clinical tests and questionnaires we determine your current condition, abilities, environment influences, and problems.

2. Then We Diagnose

Your current issue as well as the underlying factors that are contributing to it.

3. Finally We Treat And Empower

Taking a scientific, holistic and clinically evidenced approach, we work with YOU as an active participant to address the causes of your pain or problems.

So, who's Sissy? And why should I come see her?


The boring stuff:

  • Graduated from Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours in 2010- University of Queensland
  • Functional Nutritionist, completed an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine in 2018
  • C.H.E.K Practitioner (Level 1)
  • C.H.E.K Holistic Life Coach (Level 2) – Both studied under world-renowned kinesiologist & corrective high performance specialist Paul Chek
  • NDIS Registered – Therapy support for adults & paediatrics, assistive technology applications
  • Qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor-  Reformer and Matwork
  • Certified ELDOA Level 1 and 2 and Myofascial Stretching (MFS) Instructor
  • Trained in: Advanced Breathing & Postural Biomechanics, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), Sensory-Motor Integration, Paediatric & Adult Hydrotherapy, Early Intervention & Developmental Paediatrics
  • Extensive experience working in disability sport – amateur & elite sporting athletes

Sissy’s qualifications allow her to integrate evidenced based science, exercise, diet and lifestyle factors in her diagnosis and treatment  to offer a complete and truly more effective solution to your pain and issues.


The more interesting stuff: 

Sissy is fluent in German, speaks Indonesian with a bogan Aussie accent and loves to bake. She is most definitely a study geek slash fit-girl and loves deadlifting as much as she does having a day in with a textbook and an organic coffee. Her favourite gelato flavour is hazelnut, she considers both Melbourne and Brisbane home and she takes a mean food pic (all photos on the website were made, eaten and photographed by Sissy). You can read more about her here and check out her creations and meals around town here.

Sissy Nutritional physiotherapist, Absolute Potential

An amazing combination of qualifications and a great personality? How could I not!

Everything you need to reach your absolute potential under one roof! Look no further!

Our Values or 'The Pillars on Which We Stand'

* It starts HERE: First and foremost, we strive to be the best examples of vital, optimal health and of living at your absolute potential. Being able to help others effectively depends on how well we are able to help ourselves; we cannot ‘give from an empty vessel’ and we teach by leading by example.

* Success is exceptional treatment + education = empowerment & lifelong change: We believe in empowering our clients with premium quality treatment, supportive & positive coaching and well-researched & up to date knowledge so they can gain true independence and reach their full potential.

* Enjoy the ride: Having joy and fun on this crazy life journey is essential, otherwise there’s no point in doing it! From what we eat, do and how we move, to our clients’ experience with us; if they’re/we’re not enjoying our time then what we’re doing may not be the best for them and we need to be able to modify, adapt or help them find something, or someone, that is. Energy & thoughts beget physiology and physical body, and we want awesome happy bodies not crappy, unhappy ones.

* Do your best, always: We give 110% of our focus & attention in each session; we strive to make each client feel like they are our only client for the time they are with us, and we commit to making each session the BEST session we could give.

*The sum is always greater than its parts: We take into account the whole person as a unique and special individual who exists in a wider world outside of just their body because this is paramount to providing a truly holistic approach to wellbeing & performance. This is true patient-centred care, versus a disease-focused approach to treatment.

* Your brain controls everything: A positive growth mindset and changing the way we talk, treat and view ourselves is key to changing our health permanently; change requires action but it all starts with our mind!

*Active participation not passive acceptance: We build therapeutic partnerships with our clients that empower them to take ownership of their own healing; this is based on the idea that “patients who are active participants in the development of their therapeutic plan feel more in control of their own well-being and are more likely to make sustained lifestyle changes to improve their health”

 *It’s all about balance: We help our clients to find a dynamic balance between internal and external body, mind and spirit, where spirit = their motivation, greatest dreams, goals and desires. We seek to achieve this balance within our own lives, demonstrating that work-life balance is more than just a clichéd whimsy.

* If you do it, it will come: We guarantee our clients will achieve vital, magnificent lifelong health and their ‘absolute potential’ if they follow #projectabsolutepotential; commitment and action on their part, and an exceptional desire to always do our best for our clients can only bring success.

*A healthy world for a healthy future: We believe in sustainable practice, leaving as small a footprint as possible, caring about the environment around us and considering what we are leaving behind for our children and our children’s children. A belief in a shared universal collective guides us to choose organic, green, fairtrade, home-made, local-grown and eco-friendly whenever possible, because we are conscious that we are not the only ones who have, and will, tread on this beautiful planet.


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