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Because sometimes the Google doesn’t come up with the goods. We do all the research then put it all together for you in nice, easy to digest posts. Sounds good doesn’t it?


Folate & Pregnancy: Why all the hype?

  Most people know that folate is important during pre conception and during pregnancy. Some know it's because it's needed to prevent neural tube defects and conditions such as spina bifida. But what are some other little known facts about folate? *Folate is also...

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ELDOA: How To Decompress Your Spine

Spine health, an elusive medical blackhole. Given that we live in a gravity-abiding world, there's no getting away from loading our spinal column and the eventual deterioration of our discs and joints.... Or is there? ELDOA may the answer...its English translation is...

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4 Simple Ways to Feel Less Stressed At Work

We're all looking for ways to feel less stressed at work - here are four simple, physio-approved ways to get your zen on without looking like you're slacking off! 1. Breath. Breathing one of the few processes that is controlled both voluntarily and involuntarily, and...

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Physio & Nutrition: Can They Work Together?

    Nutrition. Physio. Whole-life Wellness. If you're reading this or are already one of our awesome clients, then you know we do things a bit differently to conventional allied health practitioners. Which makes it even more exciting when the conventional associations...

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Crank Your Plank

The Plank: Regarded by many as the king of all core exercises, this isometric movement does require a fairly decent inner unit (though there are SO many more effective exercises to improve your core stabilisation like the Pallof press, single arm cable push on 1...

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Collagen: Can It Make You Look Younger?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies and the stuff that basically holds us together. Collagen is found in our bones, skin and connective tissue and provides structural support, elasticity and strength. The more obvious collagen-containing body...

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Dry Needling: The Short & Long of It

Eek needles! Don't worry, we physio's don't (really) get enjoyment from hurting our clients or sticking needles in them for that matter; most people actually find that dry needling or 'Western acupuncture' is much less painful than deep tissue massage or trigger point...

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How to Stretch Your Quadratus Lumborum (QL)

So which side did you guess?  If you guessed the left side (A), you're right on. How to tell? Provided your client is keeping their hips level and not rotating, look at how far they can slide their middle finger down their thigh as they do a side bend. This is a...

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How to Squat (and a Simple Trick to Squat Better!)

Squatting is an essential part of our day to day life and not just relegated to the gymspace of bodybuilders and Crossfitters. Think about it: every time you sit on the toilet, get in and out of a chair or car or crouch down to pick something off the floor you're...

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The 6 Best Ways To Improve Low Back Pain

Low back pain: who hasn't experienced it at one time or another. We've summarised the top 6 most current and effective ways to improve low back pain - with a bonus tip thrown in! 1. Exercise + education Who would’ve thought right? Exercise plus education was found to...

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