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Physiotherapy Brisbane

Is pain or an injury stopping you from doing what you love?

Would finding a life-long solution and not just a quick fix be just what you’re looking for?

We can help.

What is Absolute Potential Physiotherapy?

At Absolute Potential we offer a progressive, holistic perspective to Physiotherapy. We look beyond the triggering event of your condition, injury or pain and take into account the environmental, nutritional and lifestyle factors that led to the issue in the first place, or is contributing to its occurrence.

Integrating food, lifestyle and environmental factors into our treatment has enabled us to help our clients achieve long-term, real results.

But What Does This Mean For Me?

By addressing ALL of the connected factors involved, you’ll have a more complete and life-long resolution to your issues, rather than a temporary fix. You’ll also leave with a greater understanding of your body and how to take care of it long-term, so you’re not dependent on doctors, medications and other therapies down the track.

You’ll not only feel better, but be empowered with a truly holistic and in-depth knowledge of your wonderful ‘home’ – after all, you only have the one body, and being able to independently nourish, move and utilise it the way you want is our ultimate gift to you.

We understand that every person and every situation is different, and we work hard to custom tailor your treatment and progression to suit your needs and your body so you can reach your Absolute Potential. Come see us in Kangaroo Point and experience the difference!

We will assess and diagnose your injury, give you advice on how to avoid making it worse and will treat the area to help reduce your pain and inflammation.

We will then delve a little deeper to uncover the biomechanical reasons behind your injury in the first place; we may find that your hamstring is under higher load and hence at greater risk of strain because your deep abdominal core isn’t strong enough to stabilize your pelvis as it should – and we’ll give you specific exercises to address this to prevent re-injury.

Finally, we also look into other factors such as the amount of work/life stress you have, your current diet and whether you’re getting enough sleep, as we know these things impact recovery speed and quality. We understand that each person is a whole, whose individual experiences, injuries, pains and lifestyle are all interconnected, and that all these aspects need to be addressed in order to gain true, life-long health.





Who and What Do We Treat?
  • Sporting injuries and acute & chronic pain conditions
  • Complex and long-standing biomechanical & postural dysfunction and skeletal imbalances
  • Return to sport/work rehabilitation following upper and lower limb surgery
  • Elite & young athlete development & injury prevention
  • Core conditioning for pelvic floor dysfunction, low back pain
  • High performance corrective exercise
  • Stress and lifestyle related weight gain, fatigue, digestive issues and general deconditioning
How Do We Help?
  • One-on-one, hands-on 45-60 minute consultations
  • Comprehensive whole body & lifestyle assessment
  • Customised rehab & high performance exercises designed to suit your goals and what you enjoy
  • Fully integrated progression into higher level activity, be it elite sport, weekend warrior or work-life balance
  • Food advice to support lifestyle related conditions, high performance and sports, stress and optimal recovery
Our Qualifications
  • Advanced Breathing Mechanics & Postural Biomechanics
  • Dry Needling/Western Acupuncture
  • ELDOA Method Levels 1 and 2 – Including Myofascial stretching (classes coming soon!)
  • Clinical Pilates: Matwork, Reformer, Ball & Circle
  • Hydrotherapy: Paediatric, Adult, Orthopaedic & Geriatric
  • C.H.E.K Practitioner (Level 1) & Exercise Coach
  • C.H.E.K Holistic Life Coach Level 2
  • C.H.E.K Scientific Core Conditioning
  • C.H.E.K Scientific Back Training
  • C.H.E.K Advanced Program Design
  • APA Sports Level 1
  • Lyn Watson Shoulder Level 1
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Approach to Proximal and Distal Function
  • Neurodevelopmental Theory (NDT) and Sensory Integration & Play
  • Current First Aid & CPR
  • Advance Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (due for completion mid 2017)
Additional Services - Compex Muscle Stimulation

Accelerated rehab & performance enhancement for elite athletes and crossfit athletes via Compex Muscle stimulation machine.

Get back in the game stronger than ever!


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