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I was born to eat. Well, we all were. But for the last two years, I’ve become more conscious about the food I was putting in my body, which is easy once you get your head around the fact that what we put into our mouths soon becomes the skin we touch or the muscle we’re trying to build. It can heal us and bring us to an early demise. Food is a double-edged, sweet, delicious sword, and we should treat it as such.

I believe in balance: 80-90% wholesome, organic, fresh, free-range, grass fed, high quality food, minimal processed sugars and minimal conventional dairy and gluten. The remaining 10-20% is the ‘this is life, enjoy it’ time, and is what I believe also an essential part of a healthy diet.

I cook but prefer to bake because I can share it with so many other people. Most of my recipes are gluten and dairy free, contain no refined sugars and can be easily made at home, and some of them are just your good old flour and butter filled treats – because life is about balance after all. All of them are conglomerations of recipes I’ve seen, things I’ve tried and what I have in my kitchen at the time. I hope you enjoy, here’s to eating and drinking merry – Sissy


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