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Absolute Potential /n/:


  1. A cutting-edge blend of physiotherapy, nutrition and holistic wellbeing.
  2. The place to come if you’re ready to realise lifelong health and your full sporting, work and life potential.


Holistic Health – Physiotherapy – Nutrition – Movement – Life Coaching

Our Vision

To provide a premium quality, unrivalled holistic health service to the Sunshine Coast and the rest of the world.

Absolute Potential Health & Performance grew from the belief that optimal health, vitality and being truly pain-free requires an integration of cutting-edge science and a holistic approach to wellbeing. Founder and physiotherapist Sissy Taufika saw a gap in the progress her clients were making when treatment was solely focused on conventional physiotherapy methods; through experience and with the knowledge gained from her training with the C.H.E.K Institute, Sissy realised that attaining balance in a client’s whole life was necessary for them to achieve long-term levels of personal success: their ultimate potential. As a result, the seeds of Absolute Potential Health & Performance were sown.


Hands on 45-60 minute consultations.


Whole body & lifestyle assessment.


Rehab & high performance exercises designed to suit your goals and what you enjoy.

Fully integrated

Progression into higher level activity, be it elite sport, weekend warrior or work-life balance.

Custom Catered Treatment With YOU in mind!

At Absolute Potential we believe the sum is always greater than its parts: We take into account the whole person as a unique and special individual who exists in a wider world outside of just their body. We understand that you have specific needs, a unique environment, and a lifestyle all your own, and take these factors into account during assessment, diagnosis and treatment.  This progressive perspective is paramount to providing a truly holistic approach to wellbeing & performance. Our focus is on true patient-centred care versus a reactive disease-focused approach to treatment.

Sissy believes in empowering her clients with supportive & positive coaching and well-researched & up-to-date knowledge and treatment so they can gain true independence and reach their full potential. Learn more about Sissy, her approach, and how it can help you here.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Never stop asking questions. The curious get smarter, and the smarter get curiouser”.

Ok, so we might have made that word up, but we do believe there are no stupid questions, just inquisitive minds that seek to know more about what they see around them. With all the information we have around us today, it can be easy to just believe everything we read and think we know a lot, but the truly wise will question things with an open mind, seek answers and try things out themselves…then question some more. We welcome all questions so if we haven’t answered yours here, please email us, we’d love to chat!

How is Absolute Potential Health & Performance different?

At APHP, we take a holistic approach to health by integrating nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors into the treatment of pain, injury and dysfunction. We also recognise the impact of mental, emotional, spiritual and physiological factors on achieving optimal physical health & performance, and treat you based on YOU – not on your symptoms or diagnosis.

What is a C.H.E.K. Holistic Life Coach?

A C.H.E.K. Holistic Life Coach teaches clients how to achieve vitality, happiness and the body of their dreams by looking in detail at the underlying causes of disease and stress, and viewing the body as a ‘system of systems’. They understand that disease and illness are preventable through better eating habits, stress management and the right type of exercise, and that the hormonal consequences of these factors can affect wellness, weight gain and the lifestyle related conditions.

What is a C.H.E.K Practitioner?

C.H.E.K. Practitioners are specialists in the field of scientific exercise coaching and incorporate their understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of each individual as a whole, into helping people achieve their performance goals. This unique, holistic approach to training and conditioning uses techniques from fields such as orthopaedics, strength training, corrective exercises, chiropractics and alternative therapies to gain optimal results. By also addressing the root cause of the problems preventing you from achieving your health & fitness goals, C.H.E.K practitioners help you reach a high level of success where others have failed.

Why Choose Us?

By integrating science, exercise, nutrition, life coaching and lifestyle factors, we offer a complete and truly more effective solution to your pain and issues. At Absolute Potential, YOU and your goals determine your treatment program; we work with you to find out what you need and what suits your life and body right now. We work with individuals who are motivated to actively participate in making changes towards a more fulfilled, pain-free, healthy life. We do not believe in the ‘no pain no gain’ principle. In most cases, stressed, overworked and over-trained people actually need less time exercising hard and more rest and recovery. We don’t hand out cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all programs. Each client undergoes a comprehensive assessment and is provided with an individualized program suited to their physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual needs. We do not treat or see multiple clients at once, and unless you’re participating in a small group class, each session will always be one-on-one because we believe true service comes from personalised and dedicated attention.


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