Strong, healthy and happy - that’s what we want for ourselves and our kids. In reality, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to eat well, exercise, take time out for yourself and spend meaningful time as a family. That’s where we can help.


Hi there! I’m Sissy Taufika, qualified physiotherapist, nutritionist, C.H.E.K Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach. I’m passionate about helping families achieve their best health using a holistic and natural approach that integrates body, mind and soul.

Because I’m also a mama and self-business owner, I understand that good health - while super important - also needs to fit into the every day bustle we call family life. It’s my goal to help you find the best way to balance it all!



The Absolute Potential Approach

Our priority is to empower you and your children to be your strongest, healthiest and happiest selves; our passion is helping you achieve this through natural and evidence-based solutions, and with genuine empathy and care.

Think personalised, flexible and above all, realistic solutions that fit into your family’s unique day to day (however crazy that may look!). Imagine a practitioner who genuinely cares about you or your child and will go above and beyond to help you find your true state of wellbeing.

Because Sissy is a physiotherapist, nutritionist and life coach, you don’t need to see lots of different therapists to get a holistic approach to feeling your best or helping your child feel theirs.

We base our practice on seven pillars of health: Thoughts, Breathing, Hydration, Sleeping, Nutrition, Movement and Community. Addressing all areas is essential to achievement of optimal health; whether you’re a dad wanting to play soccer with his five year old, or an expecting parent wanting to give your bubba the best start to life.

We also believe your thoughts and mindset are key to long-term change and the secret to successfully changing your life for the better, which is why our approach is different to others out there.

(Plus, we understand that wanting the best for you and your children can sometimes feel impossible to achieve with everything else you have on. That’s why how we help you will always be individualised to suit you and your family).

We call it your Absolute Potential; you can call it ‘The thing that changed my life’.


Our Vision

We are passionate about providing an exceptional experience unlike that seen in traditional healthcare models.

We believe that everyone can and should live to their absolute potential.

Our clients always come first.

We will always give 110% and if we can’t get results, we will find someone who can.

We are committed to being the ideal role model of what we teach, coach and facilitate. We walk the talk.

We believe in reconnecting with our natural, true selves and Mother Earth, and living in a way that sustains our vitality as well as that of our planet.