ELDOA: How To Decompress Your Spine

And STREETTCHHH…the benefit is in the maximal effort hold, not easy!

And STREETTCHHH…the benefit is in the maximal effort hold, not easy!

Spine health, an elusive medical blackhole. Given that we live in a gravity-abiding world, there’s no getting away from loading our spinal column and the eventual deterioration of our discs and joints…. Or is there?

ELDOA may the answer…its English translation is ‘Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation’ and they are a series of anatomically-aligned stretches devised by the amazing Dr Guy Voyer, a French medical doctor who is also a trained osteopath, chiropractor physiotherapist AND personal trainer (!!). Through his work with elite athletes and performers all over the world, Dr Voyer has come up with a non-invasive, simple to apply method in which to decompress and open each spinal segment and major joint in your body. It is preventative and effective and best of all, once taught by a trained professional, can be done by the patient on their own.

This image is of the general thoracic ELDOA, great for anyone (so most of us!) that sit at desks hunched over all day. The key to each ELDOA is assuming a specific posture that targets the exact location of the decompression needed, then holding maximum contraction in the muscle and fascia above and below the joint for 1 minute.

Learning the correct technique takes specialised coaching and you will definitely FEEL the effort as you hold the maximal stretch but it’s worth it to be able to perform a revolutionary technique that reduces pain, can prevent surgery, and ultimately improves your health without the long-term need for medications or specialists. And that’s what’s we all want!

Sissy is trained in Level 1 and 2 ELDOA and can help you find out which position will best help your condition. Contact us to find out how.